Tips for better learning


Designate a teddy that will ONLY speak the language of your choice and decide to ONLY speak that language when he is out.

With small children this is a great way of getting them to put words into practice. Use the teddy to play games with them, to talk to them as if it was a puppet so they answer to it. It is even a portable language tool when you decide to practice some “shopping” words while out and about. Mine has even settled disputes between siblings 🙂 Have a try! Prueba!

2. MAKATON, excellent language resource!

Use Makaton on your facilitating/learning process. We all use signs when we want to express ourselves more dramatically and signs are definitely a way to go when learning/teaching  a foreign language. Not only will you find yourself getting your message across with more ease but you will also start incorporating the signs for a more peaceful way to settle situations as an alternative to classroom management techniques. It could be a good aid for asking a group of children to be quiet,  to work together or for simple polite rules like saying gracias= thank you, por favor= please and even the so much asked (and not often sincere)”disculpa“= “sorry” that I have found Makaton to give a real sense of understanding and meaning to it. In my experience, a child (especially under 7) using the sign for “sorry” will actually give the word more meaning that simply saying it. If you are a bit skeptical, try saying it yourself and then apply the sign for it while saying it.

Do you notice the difference?

Children don’t even need to express the actual word to make someone else feel better! Would you need to? Better still, you could even get the message across from corner to corner in  any setting without even being that close physically. Great, great stuff!

If you are, like me, interested in Makaton activities for your lessons, you’ll find their site superbly useful. They have great seasonal resources!

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