Day 16 to 31- What I learnt from this series

With only a few lines to be written on each post, you would surely expect the’preparation’ for every post would take a fair half hour of work. In my little experience (yet enthusiastic) that’s what I was expecting and even more since all I use to illustrate each post is a simple photo courtesy of someone who has already taken the time to upload it to the net.

This and other reasons have turned out to be the culprit (even though I am obviously totally responsible) for the inconclusive ending of my series. Yet this series deserves an ending and because I will be actually busy tomorrow, I’ll end with my pain today 🙂 and so I will do that with a brief list of what I feel I learnt from this experience:

  • I need to update my electronic brain. I have been spending way too long (and I mean 2 hours instead of half hour) at the desk with the sluggish pc I have at the moment. Honestly, it did my head in! Check out this pic and you’ll know how I feel…     Good news is, I know what I will give myself for Christmas this year, Yeah! A brand new Macbook!
  • Priorities come first. I obviously was treating my blog as a priority, at least for the first couple of weeks, but going back to my first bullet, is it really fair to spend 2 hours of my precious time on a post that really only deserved half hour? The answer is NO WAY! I guess things will change by updating my ciber-tools. For now, 15 days were actually plenty, well 16 counting tonight!
  • When committed with your heart everything is possible(even when short of time) . With this I mean that if you are totally driven by a project that feels you with excitement and enthusiasm you are probably never going to fall short of time. (if having the right tools!, check bullet 1 ) I love how the busier I am, the more things I get done! 🙂
  • Last but not least- Only the Amazing stuff. Listening to one of my productivity podcasts, this statement caught my attention: “If you are not writing AMAZING posts please STOP NOW! “(this I heard exactly on Day 15…     and you know the rest of the story). Having heard that, I have decided to get back to blogging ONLY when I have AMAZING posts. Not that I haven’t enjoyed writing non-extraordinary stuff, as I did it merely for the sake of habitual commitment but, wouldn’t it be better if I got into the habit of writing with excitement, hence amazingly every day?
  • Turn commitments into habits. If it was not for the frustration of having to deal with the imcompetence of my archaic desktop, I actually liked the daily routine I was getting into by following the little comfort steps to the creation of my posts. Some of them including tea, comfort snack, background music. Get the picture?
  • It’s fun being part of a virtual community. I love the idea of sharing ideas, projects and even thoughts with people all over the world. Don’t we live in an incredible era?

Happy sharing!

Hasta la Vista!