Week SEEDS-Flower bird feeder

Yes, I know it is probably not the best time in the year to make a bird feeder. Birds would obviously benefit more from this supplementary meal in autum or winter. One of the reasons being that cooler weather would keep the natural oils found in our ingredients fresher for longer and far from going rancid. However, we are in England, so let’s face it, it’s not like our lovely peanut butter sticks are really going to get melted 🙂 That and the fact that A is always up for anything that has to do with either wild animals or peanut butter, yum! let me tell you he had his portion in the process.

So well, we used the following ingredients:

  • semillas de linaza = linseeds
  • semillas de hinojo = fennel seeds
  • semillas de girasol = sunflower seeds
  • semillas de calabaza = pumpkin seeds
  • semillas de anis = aniseeds
  • arroz inflado = puffed rice
  • avena = oats
  • mantequilla de cacahuate = peanut butter (for those allergic, pumpkin seed butter/spread is a good alternative)

Mix everything in a bowl

I was thinking of using breadsticks but ran out of them so we used some of A’s regular sticks and spread some peanut and pumpkin seed butter on them. Then rolled them into the seeds mixture and put them into the containers of your choice. We use these natural containers I had as part of a bunch of dried “flowers”, a decorative feature of my room no longer in use. Lovely way to recycle!

The paper flowers are just drawings on cardboard that W also helped to colour

 And with our first “hot”day (yes, today after a long spell of rain), we’ll leave them hanging in this basket waiting to prove how long before they melt 🙂

So, if you happen to get inspired and you do use breadsticks, take a picture and link it with your comment for us to see 🙂

Happy bird feeding!