Week- PUZZLES – Colouring and Cutting


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Due to all the celebrations and days off, meaning having dad around, the children haven’t had to much time for other than pure joy around papa’ So I had to leave both yesterday’s and today’s posts comprised in one. So easy because many times there can be … Continue reading

Week WATER – children made bird bath

And after yesterday’s water activity we were very excited to try the next idea that caught A’s eye while we were checking water features on the net. This bird’s bath is such an easy project to put together with the children that you will find yourself wanting to decorate all the pots you can get hold of…

First you will need to gather:

  • macetas viejas = old plant pots
  • pintura o marcadores permanentes =paint or permanent markers
  • AGUA = water
  • apoya maceta = plant pot saucer

We just put them upside down and placed the plant pot saucer on top. I then “glue” them because the kids will be playing around so I used multipurpose  silicone  sealant in between pots because that is what I had at home but you could use any other suitable adhesive or tile grout, maybe cement or other material you have left at the back of your shed. Maybe you use bigger pots and need nothing to hold them together but their own weight, it is really up to you.

Next we just decorated the pots…

Fantastic way to give some good use to our new markers! You can write with them virtually on every surface…

They sure were having fun drawing and colouring. A lovely activity for encouraging sibling bonding.

And then W decided the bath was missing some colour at the very top of our bird stepping stone:)

and ta da… all done, she said!

 I hope the birds have a lovely refreshing session in these hot days…

Happy pot painting!


Week SEEDS-Flower bird feeder

Yes, I know it is probably not the best time in the year to make a bird feeder. Birds would obviously benefit more from this supplementary meal in autum or winter. One of the reasons being that cooler weather would keep the natural oils found in our ingredients fresher for longer and far from going rancid. However, we are in England, so let’s face it, it’s not like our lovely peanut butter sticks are really going to get melted 🙂 That and the fact that A is always up for anything that has to do with either wild animals or peanut butter, yum! let me tell you he had his portion in the process.

So well, we used the following ingredients:

  • semillas de linaza = linseeds
  • semillas de hinojo = fennel seeds
  • semillas de girasol = sunflower seeds
  • semillas de calabaza = pumpkin seeds
  • semillas de anis = aniseeds
  • arroz inflado = puffed rice
  • avena = oats
  • mantequilla de cacahuate = peanut butter (for those allergic, pumpkin seed butter/spread is a good alternative)

Mix everything in a bowl

I was thinking of using breadsticks but ran out of them so we used some of A’s regular sticks and spread some peanut and pumpkin seed butter on them. Then rolled them into the seeds mixture and put them into the containers of your choice. We use these natural containers I had as part of a bunch of dried “flowers”, a decorative feature of my room no longer in use. Lovely way to recycle!

The paper flowers are just drawings on cardboard that W also helped to colour

 And with our first “hot”day (yes, today after a long spell of rain), we’ll leave them hanging in this basket waiting to prove how long before they melt 🙂

So, if you happen to get inspired and you do use breadsticks, take a picture and link it with your comment for us to see 🙂

Happy bird feeding!


Week-SEEDS/ shakers

We all have made shakers at some point in our lives and it is always fun to make music with something we have actually created ourselves.  A few weeks ago, my son figured out how to make music with a few pins and elastic bands on this cork board. He had so much fun! So well, taking in advantage that I had to prepare some instruments for an event we have in a few days, I had a lovely relaxing and why not, fragrant activity for them to do.  Seed shakers! and while you can still use beans or rice or anything you fancy, we will be doing some with seeds as this is our theme of the week.

This is a crafty session that, if you want, can be turned into a multi-sensory fun session.

So your vocabulary for this week will include the following words:

  • semillas = seeds
  • semillas de calabaza = pumpkin seeds
  • semillas de ajonjoli = sesame seeds
  • semillas de mostaza = mustard seeds
  • anis estrella = star anise
  • semillas de hinojo = fennel seeds
  • semillas de girasol = sunflower seeds

You will need:

  1. containers like yogurt pots, tins or bottles
  2. seeds
  3. sello/masking tape
  4. paper or plastic lids

And here it is W filling her tin with linseeds

Remember that you can use any other seeds, but I am preparing some other stuff for this week with the ones mentioned above.

As for containers, be creative, use anything that can be filled and then cover with paper and sellotape or as I did with these tins, I covered them with some recycled nutella lids that happen to be the same size as the tins. Once you finish filling or even after playing some music, you can have some fun trying to listen out for the different sounds different seeds make, you can make them guess what seed is inside and even make tiny holes with a toothpick and let them smell to find out where the star anise is, believe me, if you let them smell before and after, they will certainly know at least where the star anise is, it is soooo fragrant!

And when you are done with the fun, why not feeding the birds. If you want an idea for a crafty bird feeder, wait for tomorrow, that is exactly what we are preparing for a crafty Tuesday.

And A filling a tin and a yogurt bottle with fennel seeds

Filled, decorated and ready to be shaken.

and on a side note, we almost forgot about A’s dandelion seeds. He had counted about 120 seeds in a head that he picked on the way from school and decided to try and plant them. Next step will be to check how many really show up in this  hanging basket…

… he cannot wait to have a bunch of leaves than he can actually cook 🙂

more on this in due course, in the meantime, have a lovely week!

Ten una linda semana!

Happy shaking!

Mood pebbles

I was supposed to write more about stories and the easy short-cuts to hand-puppets. However, we had such a fun time with our new pebble friends that I felt I needed to share this.

It all started with the bowl of pebbles we have on the table and the story my dear W was listening from my lap –  “Miss Tiny”.

I was reading it to her when it came to me the idea of colouring one of those pebbles to show W how tiny “Miss Tiny” appears to be. The result: Miss Tiny on  a pebble.

It was such a hit! Miss Tiny got to sit on a chair,

have a bath,be IN the looAnd even got in a car, as she had seen in her book 😉

But that wasn’t enough, later on W brought me Miss Whoops book. By then, A had returned from school, so we decided to create more little friends on pebbles.

A and W seemed to enjoy working on them,

And we ended up with a bunch of little friends,

I particularly liked A’s alien ones (they’ve been talking about space at school  this term)

When we were all done, not only did we go over Miss Tiny and Miss Whoops stories all over again, but we also ended up playing silly mood games. Where I pretended to be upset (with the red pebble) and they would have to come up with a good reason for me to change my mood. W approached me and gave the red pebble a kiss and I felt obliged to change that moody face (I painted a happy face at the back of the grumpy one),  so in the end, all the faces had a 2-version mood, most of them with a happy face at the back. It made me think of the lovely talk you could have with your little ones about feelings and the way our mood changes. A great way for children to understand and recognise an emotion behind “facial expressions”.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Feliz = Happy
  • Triste = Sad
  • Enojado = Upset
  • Preocupado = Worried
  • Sorprendido = Surprised
  • Asustado = Scared

Now go and turn some pebbles into emotional characters and have some fun!

These ones stay at the table for when the ocassion calls for them. Maybe a silly argument over a toy will call for Mr Happy to come to the rescue! As for how to change my mood, I would write on pebbles uplifting words only to remind me life is so worth living! And you, how would you use pebbles or what would you write on them?

Happy smiling! Happy playing!


Orangel peel ABC

Is this really a craft? or more like a recipe. Well, I got inspired by this delicious candied orange peel recipe which we tried last week. However, I felt more inclined to include this  post in a Crafty Tuesday due to  the dedication my children showed when “cutting” letter shapes and then spelling out little words:) So it stays here (with other versions of orange peel ideas coming in the following weeks), as a craft instead of a recipe.

Cutting Orange peel is so easy and even relaxing for the little ones. They really concentrate when trying to follow a certain shape and the texture is so different from common paper or even cardboard as it requires little effort.

I forgot to take a picture of the peel when they were simmering, but as this is not a recipe, never mind!

Here they are! Already candied and tossed in sugar. But, to counteract the sweetness with a more bitter favourite ingredient of mine…

85% Cocoa Ivory Coast and Ecuador Dark chocolate, mmmmm!

And just to fulfil the spelling purposes of these little fellows…

We tried making some words with this ABC Orange peel – HOLA!

Amongst others, Love,

 and boy

Needless to say, you can make up your own words in ANY language or alphabet as for the ingredients you will use:

  • cascara de naranja = orange peel
  • azucar = sugar
  • agua = water
  • chocolate = chocolate, how easy that is 😉

Thank you for reading!

Happy Crafting! Happy Reading! Happy Snacking!


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Super hero wooden peg dolls

It’s crafty Tuesday! And as we had to come up with something crafty for a friend’s birthday gift, we decided to try these cute dollies. The pirate boy became a girls and the incredible girl I only copied from one of A’s books.  Yes, they will be part of a gift, but these dollies can be also used to tell stories, to play games like describe and guess or you could even practice the colours in Spanish when making them… If you opt for the third option, here you have a list of colours:

  • rojo = red
  • verde = green
  • azul = blue
  • blanco = white
  • morado = purple
  • dorado = gold
  • plateado = silver
  • negro = black
  • marron/cafe = brown
  • rosa = pink
  • amarillo = yellow
  • gris = grey

Even though this is supposed to be a presumably elaborated and detailed work, it took us only about an hour to get these little guys done. They are supposed to be hand painted and for some colours maybe even with special paint. But we went straight with fine-point permanent markers and had so much fun, we super enjoyed it.

A made up his own characters and this craft kept him entertained the whole hour.

Somehow, these cute dollies will be surrounding a special gift and when I’m done with it I will be updating this post to show you.

In the meantime I will better run out to the shops to get some more pegs before my little girl starts her own party.

And I thought she would choose the girls,

Can you spot The Hulk?

If you feel like trying this easy version of wooden peg dollies, take a picture of your characters and link it back. You may only want to get ideas and prefer to follow me via email or via pinterest on my crafty boards.

Happy crafting!