From October to November…


So, 3 new gadgets and a year later… Here I am, back to ‘business’.

It’s been quite a busy year I must admit, but loving what I do. loving my children, my clients, my family, my friends and in general everything surrounding my life. I feel so blessed to live constantly in a happy state and to be able to pass that happiness around my dearest friends. ūüôā

A lot has changed since I started blogging and so this will have to be reflected in the upcoming months while I get used to posting, scheduling, re-scheduling and organising myself to make this writing a habit once more.

Good news is; I am able to work now with my mac book, ipad and iphone, the 3 most practical and productive gadgets (if not sucked into pinterest or facebook) around here ūüėČ and it’s been great since I can now work on my paperwork from wherever suits me best at ANY time. Since having a better system in place now I can proudly say I’m managing my life and neverending rush of ideas, well,¬†better ūüôā

Amongst the many thoughts and ideas that¬†go in and out of my head, I’ve been¬†forever¬†working on a very special project.

It is special because in a way it came from my own need. Yes, firstly for myself and my family, but I think it will also be of great help for other families in my situation (linguistically talking). So far I can only tell you that it is something¬†to do with our home language: Spanish, and so, with our bilingual world ūüôā

In the meantime and while this project is up and running,¬†I will update you with what we have been doing at ‘my hive’…

and some images from pinterest for what I would like to do next October and simply to keep in these files for future reference:

recycled project pumpkin

recycled project pumpkin

pumpkin crafts from pinterest

pumpkin crafts from pinterest

Happy halloween,

Feliz Dia de Muertos,

Nancy x