Hola, welcome to my blog! I’m Nancy, former nanny, child-minder and Spanish teacher living in England. I’m a mother to 2 little monkeys; my boy A who’s 7 and my little girl W,who’s nearly 5.

Since I am back to childminding, I am now concentrating mostly in the weekly activities I prepare for the children in my setting. And so, you will be expecting to find resources, tutorials, and crafty ideas that I have used successfully in my weekly plans as well as a myriad of jotted-down activities I have long been keeping in the dullness of my cabinets and desk. All of these with the aim to aid language learning and encourage fluency in a fun way. A lot of these activities cover the 7 areas of learning!

You will come across plenty crafts and activities that could be used as resources for people wanting to teach or learn a new language. Many, if not all, of the activities could be easily adapted to the language of your choice. For bilingual parents looking for ideas to spend quality time with your children, you may use activities from any category to practise your mother-tongue language. You will be having fun, increasing your child’s vocabulary and simply developing your child’s communication skills and hopefully building  a strong parent-child relationship. 🙂

I created this blog originally with the purpose of keeping record of activities, crafts, recipes and simply everything I enjoy doing with my own children. Tons of books, written ideas, scrapbooks, post-it notes, loads of material, tools, quotes, pictures,  and recently my new addition to my never-ending list of sources of inspiration-Pinterest, sounds familiar?

Yes, we all have an endless list of to-do, to-read, to-make, to-create things that often stays just as that; words on paper. I decided that in order to really go through every single one of the infinite projects now only luring at the back of my head, I should start by taking one step at a time and keep track of them in the cyber-world of my very own blog.

Within the content of this blog you will mainly find the following categories:

  • Home made educational toys and games
  • Children Crafts
  • Of Books, Illustration and Imagination
  • Recipes & Fun Edibles
  • Photo Blog Hop ( for you to link up your own learning momento)
  • Tips for better learning (randomly)
  • Videos and Music for Listening practice
Happy Playing! Happy Crafting! Happy Reading! Happy Baking! Happy Listening! Happy learning!
Juega! Haz manualidades! Lee!, Hornea! Escucha! y Aprende!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hola!!!!!! Nancita I really like what you’re doing, especially with children and give us ideas to entertain and teach moms like new things …



  2. Hi Nancy, sorry we haven’t been in touch!! The blog is great, the ideas, heart warming!! Where do you find the time for all this? You always amaze me! I can’t believe how big the little ones are!! Take care!! Luciana xx

    • Thanks for stopping by Luciana. It’s only through our little ones’ eyes that we can actually stop, breathe and stare at the present. Not for long though, we then jump again into our frenetic motherhood bubble until the next stop to breath and stare, on this ocassion realising that time’s forever flying and yes my dear friend, we are growing too 🙂 We only have a bunch of happy moments to remember and the hope of being able to stop more often to simply stare…

  3. Hola Nancy! Ya me estaba acostumbrando a recibir un mensajito por semana, con una buena idea o un momento especial de la semana… que bueno que ya estas de regreso subiendo nuevamente ideas! …Ya las estoy contemplando para cuando tenga que entretener a Gaëlito! Suerte con este y tus otros proyectos =O)!
    Sindy xxx

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