Post-Halloween Recipes

Here we have a few of the treats we had with all that lovely pumpkin post-Halloween…

And because we always have quinoa in our weekly menu…

omelette de quinoa con calabaza

quinoa pumpkin frittata

A half cake half flan, flancake aka ‘The impossible’ made with pumpkin, cocoa and vanilla custard. I simply *tweaked this recipe adding 1 cup of grated/finely chopped pumpkin to the cake mixture.

This is very much fun to make with the children as you have to make dough for the cake and then the flan separately. Next, you pour the cake mixture into the baking tin and the custard mixture on top. When cooked the children will then see that the cake mixture will be then on top of the flan!

You can then flip over a serving dish and they can go back to where you had started…

Pumpkin Custard cake

Pumpkin flan cake

pumpkin custard cake

pumpkin impossible

*I have baked this cake other times using Gluten Free flour, jaggery caramel instead of cajeta, omitted the nuts, and even changing the philadelphia cheese for greek yogurt and let me tell you it is still totally delicious!

*You can also change the pumpkin for carrot or beetroot!

We tried a polenta pizza from this recipe and it also went down well.

pizza de polenta

pumpkin polenta pizza

All you do is add pumpkin to the veggie sauce or scatter it grated on top or just below / above the cheese. Mmmm!

And what about you? How did you use your pumpkin leftovers?

Happy cooking, happy baking!

Nancy x

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