Me, me, me – The importance of self-esteem

photo courtesy of Summer Skyes 11

As stated before, there is nothing more important than your relationship with yourself as this will be the foundation for the rest of your relationships. After all, our relationships with others are just a reflection of the relationship with yourself. Some tips to improve your self-esteem:

  • Be mindful – I know I touched the mindfulness subject earlier in the series. I talked about being aware of our surroundings and basically all external tangible factors, including your body parts. But what I’m referring to this time is the awareness of your thoughts and beliefs. Becoming aware of what you are thinking about yourself is the beginning of improvement in that special relationship.
  • Change the picture – Once you are aware of your thoughts you can change those thoughts (often negative) into something more positive. For instance if you are going through a crisis and your thinking is all about negative outcomes, you can change that image in your head. Whatever happens, wouldn’t you feel better by thinking positively? it’s all about perspective anyway. Easy said I know, but give it a try anyway! It does make a change.
  • Change the talk – Pretty similar to the one above but this one is about the words rather than the picture we have in our minds. If you still think is the same thing just think for a minute, what do you say to yourself (in your mind obviously or maybe aloud) when you step in front of the mirror? Aha! that self-talk is what I’m talking about. Now next time you step in front of the mirror look deeper, smile (superimportant!) and talk to yourself KINDLY, as if you were talking to the kindest, nicest, most wonderful person you know (by the way that’s you).
  • Use affirmations – If you have never done so, try to come up with a lovely sentence that you would like to tell to yourself, something like “I appreciate who I am”, “I deserve the best in life”. You can even write them and hang them in some place you can see them often or next to your mirror to remind you of lovely things to “talk” to yourself.
  • Treat yourself like you would like others to treat you 🙂 and with this one we will catch up tomorrow when we talk about Family relationships, our second most important (I think).

Happy self-talking!


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