Day 12 on 13? Relationships

Deepen Your Networking Relationships

Yes! I skipped one day and I should have written Day 11 on 12 yesterday but well. I must admit I’m not in the best mood to write (or is it something to do with my topic for today? I wonder ) but a challenge is a challenge so I’ll give the the best I’ve got for today’s topic: Relationships!

We kind of worked on our relationships with ourselves through the mind and body set of ‘tips’ but it’s still important to remember that the most important relationship is the one with ourselves. Remember! Only by looking after ourselves can we look after others. So the outline dor the week to commence will be:

  • Me, Me, Me – The importance of self-image
  • Family -How to nurture our most important relationships (I am working on this one at the moment)
  • Friends – The importance of a support network (I so need to work more on this one)
  • Our relationship with the rest of the world.

And that’s my contribution for today, hopefully I’ll be in a better mood to write tomorrow 🙂

Happy start of the week!


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