Day 11: When Mind and Body Pull it off- How to stay tuned

day11-In tune

To go step by step through the process of  nurturing mind and body might sound easy. But to put it all together implies great effort. How about some tips to keep the work up (and a bit of recap):

  • START- Even if you change one thing every couple of  weeks, little by little you will get into the mindset to continue that desire to change. The important point is to stop thinking and take ACTION. After all, is action which brings results.
  • Be intentional – This advice will be mentioned often as it is so important to be fully aware of what you are doing. It goes hand in hand with being mindful. When you commit yourself to achieve a goal (in this case taking care of yourself), you must pursue it with all your heart. The easiest way to do so is to have the vision of your goal achieved in your mind. You might want to use an actual picture of yourself in your optimal state to remind you of the wonderful state (mind and body) you want to be in again. Then feel like so! Haven’t we all had a wonderful time in life when we felt alive and full of beans? Bring back those memories!
  • Make habits out of routines – If you stick to your pre-set routines, they soon will become habits and there is nothing as easy as doing something driven by a habit. You become a rat exercising, a rat meditating, a rat eating healthily, and so on. Your body will be automatically expecting whatever is coming in your list of habits.

                                                                     We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

– Aristotle
  • Notebook in hand! – Whereas you prefer to do so first thing in the morning or last thing at night, make sure you write down what you are setting to do. List 1-3 habits you are willing to work on and stick to them. Once you have those in place continue with the rest.
  • Be selfish – Worship your ‘Me Time’ – It’s easy to leave our own priorities behind when someone else needs something from us. But the truth is, to nurture others you need to nurture yourself first. And when you are short of time, create your own quick mini-nurturing experience. This book has great ideas to spoil yourself.
  • Some books on productivity you might find helpful to follow through: On Form – Managing Energy, not time, is the Key to High Performance, Health and Happiness and The Power of Habit. And if you don’t have have the time to read, get them in their audio format.

Happy Starting!



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