Day 10: Exercising well- How to squeeze a work-out in your schedule

day 10 exercise well

If your curiousity brought you to this post, you are probably like so many people (including me), not finding the time to go to the gym or simply finding difficult the actual set up of a routine in which you free up a good hour a day within your already packed schedule.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones who can actually go for a swim once a week, attend a pilates lesson; maybe you can indulge on a zumba class or a yoga session they are still once a week indulgence!

Whereas you attend or not one of these activities it is still important for your body to have a daily dose of increased stamina. But how do we manage our time if we are already begging for more hours in a day? Well here you have a few tips:

  • Do little often. I have found it very useful to do 10-15 or even 20-minute ‘sessions’ of exercise scattered during the day. Let’s say that I wake up to do 15-20 min of yoga (I already know my routine, otherwise I like following a dvd instructor). A couple of hours later (and because my job allows me to) I go out for a daily brisk walk that can vary from 20 to 40min depending on my destination, and so on, you vary your activity but stick to 10-15 minutes and you will find it easier to follow through. Walk, jog or run up and down the stairs!
  • Enjoy some exercise with the kids and lead by example. If they see you doing exercise they will want to join in. Better than that, let them work out and you join in, they love it! So start by counting your running/jumping/chasing or dancing with the kids as your next 20 minutes of exercise fun. Alternatively you can join them in their very own yoga kids dose.
  • If the days are too fretful, use the early evening for your exercise ritual. At the end of my day I like to follow any of my 10-20 minute DVD work-outs. call it pilates, belly dancing, kickboxing, trampoline (I really like this one), zumba and it all ends with my last yoga stretching, 10 minutes to release muscle tension, so important to be ready for bed!
  • Going back to mindfulness, a topic I talked about on an earlier post, it is important to take control of your muscles throughout the day. Whereas it is releasing tension (especially from your neck and shoulders) by deep breathing, or holding your stomach in, you should be intentional about your posture. Make an effort to get rid of bad habits such as slouching your shoulders or sitting incorrectly and your body will thank you for that.

Happy exercising!


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