Day 9: Sleeping well- Tips for energy restoration

day 9-sleep well

You might have all the intention to get things done but without a good night sleep there is not much energy to do so. There is nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn (especially if all you can hear in plain daylight is squeaky voices, storytelling or mere spontaneous laughter as your everyday background noise).

For the next couple of posts there will be an overlapping of topics but it needs to be as drinking, eating  and even exercising well all add to a good night sleep.

So  here are the basics to restful dozing:

  • Regular nighttime routine- whatever your routine, go to sleep at the same time so you wake up at the same time. Try to aim for something between 6-9hrs of sleep. Everybody is different and only by trying will you know the amount of hours YOU will need for a fresh waking up experience. And remember the same applies to those wonderful naps.
  • Start a good night with a good day. If you wake up fresh and recovered and you follow a routine a few days in a row your body will automatically crave for more of that lovely feeling. The secret is in creating that wonderful feeling in which you wake up thinking what a great day is to start. The same applies at night, you must find your best way to go to sleep and stick to that lovely feeling of comfort and peaceful picture that only you can create in your mind and to which you will want to go back again and again night after night.
  • Aids for relaxation. Sometimes we  reach that peaceful mindset quickly just by remembering our ‘happy place’. For those other days in which we have too much in our heads, there are aids like : herbal teas, herbal tablets, herbal eye masks and lavender bags/cotton balls (I must share a tutorial on these ones),  rescue remedy “night time” (my new addition to the first aid kit)  I  admit I have to use one or all of these when my hormones play tricks on me 🙂
  • Write it down. Maybe you are just going through your list of lists to do , to make, to cook, to dress, or anything else you are basically planning for the day ahead. This is not the time, right? OR you can make it the time. Do you remember the journaling activity of  my recent post. How about writing at night? Make sure you write all what you might be doing the next day and then LEAVE it on the paper. Now, grab your lavender eye mask and go to sleep!
  • Exercise in the morning and STRETCH before sleeping-Yoga is great for relaxing!
  • And the usual ones: no caffeine, no alcohol, and NO TV before going to sleep please!
  • My routine? Exercise throughout the day and early night,  yoga stretching, writing with a cup of relaxing tea (here I am!) meditation and sleep!

Now, I must listen to myself, it’s fairly late!

Happy dreams!

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