Day 7: Eating well – How to make the best out of your meals

photo courtesy of Veris Kleine

photo courtesy of Veris Kleine

We have learnt to nourish our mind so with a clear mind let’s nourish our bodies.

We are all different and we obviously have different routines  let alone the difference in metabolism. I am not here to tell you about diets and tips to shed weight as we all know what is healthy and what is not. But if I took the healthiest ingredients and omitted the non-healthy ones what recipe could I come up with? That’s right! You know you should include a long list of super-foods in your diet but the real question is how and how to make it easier in our busy lives. Here are my tips for meals that keep you fresh:

  • Start your day with a nice cup of herbal tea. There is nothing like preparing yourself for the day with relaxing music or your favourite podcast and a cup of detoxifying elixir.
  • Do not EVER miss breakfast – I know this is an old one but people keep skipping breakfast. How on earth!!
  • Simplify breakfast – This is for the ones in a rush. If you cannot eat it drink it!  You can even include your super-greens in your morning drinks-(more on this one in tomorrow’s post)
  • Get a sprouter. I have one like this one. It’s so easy to use! In a couple of days you have tons of nutritional value in the seeds, pulses, grains or nuts you sprout. Once ready, you can put them in your ‘rushed’ breakfast, soups, bread, stews, salads and practically any meal you want to make more nutritious (avoid high temperatures, best added at the end of cooking or as fresh as possible).
  • Simplify your menu-planning. My sister brought to my attention the fact that I wasn’t following my weekly plans because there was simply too much detail on it. What I do now is to stick to a product per day and this is what my plan looks like: Mon-fish / Tue- plant based protein / Wed-chicken / Thu – Meat / Fri – home made pizza!!! and Sat Sun depends on the flow of the day. I can tell you the difference, I’m definitely sticking to it and it’s so easy! Best of all, Now I can SEE clearly the balance of my meals right on my calendar.
  • Swop cereal bars for the real stuff. I still haven’t found a commercial cereal bar that I can call ‘perfect’. Some are too chewy, too dry, too sweet, too, too, too…There are some awesome recipes out there which you can twist to your taste but I know not everyone has the time to bake their own, if in fact that is the case, I would just go for the plain stuff. You can carry around seeds, nuts, dried fruit or all together with a handful of plain cornflakes or popcorn in a snack-bag and enjoy your afternoon treat. This will actually keep you awake as opposed to the so wanted coffee that so many people crave by 3 o’clock which drops you on the couch by 7ish.
  • Boost your veggies daily intake by including them in your baked products. Whenever we make cupcakes, pancakes, cakes or cookies around here, I add a cup of any of the following to the dough: grated carrot/pumpkin/beetroot/sweet potato and if the recipe calls for savoury I can also add chopped broccoli, spinach, dried tomatoes. The possibilities are endless!
  • Include less gluten in your diet. That’s a tricky one as there are so many ingredients with hidden gluten in them. Good news is, you are forced to be creative; swap wheat (I know, bread, pasta, cous cous, etc) for rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth!
  • Last but not least: Lead a healthy life by example. It’s essential that you show your kids to eat well by eating well yourself. After all, they will be the next healthy generation! That makes me think I have to write a post on healthy lunch boxes, but I will have to come back to this one at the end of the series 😉

Happy eating!


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