Day 6: a Healthy Body, a Brighter You

photo courtesy of dogfaceboy

photo courtesy of dogfaceboy

As we know, with a healthy mind comes a healthy body. If you think about it, it’s very simple, to balance mind and body there will always have to be a healthy choice in your mind first.

So let’s break down the steps to a radiant body, that’s right, radiant! Because that’s exactly what happens when mind and body are in perfect balance, you have the ability to feel energetic and bright with joy! In the next following days we’ll be talking about:

  • Eating well- Making the best of your meals.
  • Drinking well – Relaxing drinks and energy boosters (I’m sooo enjoying this one at the moment!).
  • Sleeping well – Tips for energy restoration.
  • Exercising well – Wise ways to squeeze a work-out in your schedule.
  • When mind and body pull it off together – How to stay in tune.

I know I’m cheating here because this is all what you get today 🙂 but I am committed to write every day so here is my outline for the week.

Happy start of the week!


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