Day 5: Detox

31 days- 5 Detox

Do you need to get rid of all that toxic material that enters our bodies?

It’s not only about diets and magic formulas. Just as we suffer from the toxic effects that non-healthy food bring into our bodies, we are slowly polluting our heads with the non-healthy stuff we feed our minds.

If you are unaware and still wondering what that might be, I’m referring to stress, negative thoughts, negative emotions (anger, frustration, impatience and so on) and in general anything that does not contribute to empower our brain and consequently our bodies. Did you know that negative emotions have an impact on our immune system? That’s right! It’s exactly when we are most stressed that we are more prone to get ill..

It’s easy to get into bad habits, especially when stress gets out of control. But it can be easy to take that control back if you can eliminate those bad habits one at the time, so here is what you can do:

  • Smile. I know you must have heard this one, but if you catch yourself getting impatient or upset (works great with the kiddos), stop and smile. You cannot imagine what a smile can do to your feelings (and to your kiddos’). It will immediately change your mood. It is a funny method that physically tells your brain that everything is ok, and it really is!
  • Feeling gloomy? (another negative state). Think of a time when you were really really happy. Think of it, but here comes the secret again, you must FEEL it too. It is nearly as if you were virtually living that moment again. Like when you first fell in love, remember the butterflies? Now feel them again; or when your first little one was born (I use this one often), the happy, magical and miraculous bit of course, not the whole horrendous labour story!
  • Go on a retreat (I so want to do this one). There must be nothing like being in a place with no distractions whatsoever. Great thing is, you can choose what kind of retreat. I would go for a meditation and yoga one (more to come on Yoga later in the series).
  • Take a nap. Research shows that taking a 20-30 minute nap a day can help improve alertness, mood and performance.
  • No time for a nap or a real retreat? Go on a daily mini-retreat (meditation again!) but this time choose a guided meditation for a specific purpose or time of the day. For instance you may choose a relaxing one if you are about to sleep or an empowering one if you are just waking up. How about a refreshing one in the middle of the day (just as refreshing as a good nap). Christiane Kerr ones are brilliant for the little ones.
  • Compliment instead of criticising. Even better than the saying: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. And I say better because if you really want to find something to compliment about, you will find it!. It’s a magical switch in your brain that goes from being negative (criticising) to being positive (finding a compliment) and the best part is that everyone feels awesome!

So next time you find yourself about to criticise others (which by the way is like criticising yourself),  stop and think, is this the kind of litter your healthy mind deserves? If not, swap the litter for the lovely positive feeling of making someone else happy. After all, paying a compliment is nothing but the wonderful reflection of your own human beauty.

Happy mind detox!


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