Day 4: No Clutter

courtesy of mac.rj

courtesy of mac.rj

Have you ever felt as if you were “suddenly” buried in clutter? It was not out of the sudden let me tell you. More often than we would like otherwise, we get to that time in the week, month or year (it all depends on how organised you are really), when we have a desk full of paperwork (still piling on), bits and bobs around the house, maybe cornered in strategic places but still out of place. There is basically not more room for clutter so it even ends up piling up straight onto the floor,  oops! what to do now!!!

Clutter your physical surroundings and you will automatically clutter your mind too. Seriously, can you really relax knowing that you have a long list of to-do items that simply never get to be done?

Obviously you will always have something to file, to tidy, to clean, to put into place, etc. But  without a clear head there is not much inspiration or motivation to actually get it done.

The clue is in clarity (physical and mental). To have a clear environment will help you tame those clutter monsters in your head. Here you have a few tips on how to do it:

  • Take a deep breath (you may refer to the previous post) and START! Even if little by little, start by putting things where they belong, at least the things that take just a couple of minutes of your time [filing one document, putting one object back where it belongs (often a toy around here)]. It takes only STARTING to build momentum and when that happens you will feel like doing one more bit and another and another. You will see the first corner decluttered in the blink of an eye.
  • Jot down EVERYTHING wandering in your head. I know, another long list! but this will be the effective one 😉 The secret in an effective list is to set up a system to tackle it. A book I cannot recommend highly enough will take you through a path of easy (and not so easy) techniques to stay away from clutter. Good news is, if it’s already on paper it’s no longer inside your head. 😀 Now go and have sweet dreams.
  • Start a journal. Anything that involves taking your ideas out of your head has to be good and journaling is not the exception. The reason why I love the idea of having a journal is that once again (let’s keep killing a bunch of birds with a single stone) I’m drawn by the practicality of it. It helps you keep a record of PAST experiences that serve you as reference. It allows you to realise how you are feeling in this PRESENT moment. It helps to focus on FUTURE goals.

Tackle the clutter monsters and enjoy the benefits of a clear mind!

Tomorrow I’ll write about Detox.

Happy clearing!


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