Day 3: Imagination


courtesy of  yellowdogparty

courtesy of yellowdogparty

Did you know that by working out the right hand side of your brain you can actually rest your mind?

Yes! By working out the creative side of your brain you can either activate(energising), or refresh (calming) your brain. That’s right! This is where your IMAGINATION comes into action. A creative tool that costs nothing but dreams.

Now, here is how to energise or calm your brain.

  • Use visualisations: While you can daydream or imagine that you are somewhere in a faraway sunny land, it will actually take some FEELING if you really want this method to work. The key is to feel that you are really doing whatever you are imagining you are doing and with enough practice you will actually be able even to change moods in a snap of fingers. So, if you want to enjoy a 10 minute daily “holiday” to that faraway land please do and REALLY get the benefits of a real holiday from the comfort of your armchair. Believe me, it will refresh your mind. As some people say ‘Go to your happy place!’  and energise your mind.
  • Doodle or colour: This is a great technique to calm your mind. By working out the right hand side of your brain (which is done by anything creative). What I love about this technique is that I can kill two birds (and even three) with one stone. 1- I get to calm my mind, 2- I spend some quality time with my children and 3-I help them calm their mind too. What a bargain! Did you also know that children sleep better when stimulating their creativity?
  • Create a Mandala: This is also a technique that kills several birds with one single stone. Mandalas involve drawing, colouring but also setting goals in life. On top of that you can also create one with your children aside. A fabulous book to create mandalas with a purpose is this one. There are great mandala books for starting your children on them too.

Whichever technique you choose, be sure to have even an increase in focus and concentration. Do not underestimate the power of your imagination, after all your brain does not distinguish reality from imagination. Really! It only reacts to the feelings emerging from your experiences (whether real or not).  For tips to work out your brain and the neuroscience behind it go here.

Now, get your creative juices flowing, work less, doodle more and help your mind to get a break.

Tomorrow is another Day 4: No cluter!

Happy doodling!







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