Day 2: Healthy mind in healthy body-The Big M

courtesy of Moyan_Brenn

courtesy of Moyan_Brenn

Of course everybody knows that for thriving in life we must rely on a healthy body but without a healthy mind that is near impossible.

For this post I thought of using the word Mind as an acronym and I came up with this:

M editation

I magination

N o clutter

D etox

and Day 3 will be the day for the big M=Meditation

It is easy to fall in the rush of the day and start acting like rats as if following daily mazes. Wake up, rush for breakfast (if any at all), rush to work (or rush with house work), follow deadlines, and end your day with a back ache and dreading the day to follow (with the same rush). If we ever get a ‘free’ minute we’d rather check on twitter, facebook or any other social media than sit for a few minutes to do ‘nothing’. Continue like this and surely you will burn out.

Meditation may or may not sound like something you want to do, but the picture of  you sitting down doing nothing may not be that appealing to everyone. So, if you are one of the lucky people who CAN sit and stare, please try a traditional way of meditating. A very good book for beginners to meditation is this one. It is an easy guide with lots of pictures that even your children can benefit from.

On the other hand if you would like to try something different but just as beneficial, how about being mindful, all you have to do is BE IN THE MOMENT, and it’s as easy as to stop to FEEL your surroundings and give a break to that eternal rush. You don’t even need to physically stop what you are doing, being mindful is something you can practice whatever you are doing. Can you imagine being able to free your mind of all that chattering and feel the moment. This is an easy way to do it:

  • Start by paying attention to your breathing, trust me, it’s (almost) all about the breathing. Is it slow, fast… you will automatically start breathing deeply.
  • Now start running a mental ‘check up’ on your body, from toes to head, bit by bit, and at the same time keep releasing tension in every bit by breathing IN peace and breathing OUT tension.
  • You can then pay attention to your surroundings and very important, do NOT judge anything or anybody, simply stare.

We can do this any time of the day or with a routine activity like making tea every morning, walking to school, taking a shower, etc.

It’s that easy yet so refreshing for your mind hence your body. Try it! It will become addictive because it feels so good!

If you do try it leave a comment and share your experience.

Happy meditating!


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