Day 1: Superwoman? who, me?

superwoman 31 daysPhoto courtesy of hansvandenberg30

Yes!, me, you and every woman finding it too hard to believe so. If I was to write a list of all the tasks and responsibilities I (and maybe you) encounter daily, weekly, monthly, etc. These would be pretty much correlated to some of these jobs:

Chef, Housekeeper, Secretary, Accountant, Counsellor, Referee, Party Organiser, Administrator, Childcare provider I [‘m cheating on this one but you are not :)]Entertainer, Chauffeur, Gardener, Pet keeper, and so on.

Not that I don’t enjoy my daily activities and duties. I pretty much enjoy my life but let’s face it, on top of that list we still have the terms: mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, cousin, auntie, niece, and so on. Which by the way should be first in the list, but surely I sometimes neglect the human side of life otherwise I wouldn’t be inspired to write this series. The fact is, I get too busy in the busy-ness of my life and neglect hits first in my own being.

That’s why after so much reading, (because I love reading about productivity and balance in family life) I decided to put all that reading and tips into action.

And because it’s always better when someone else can be helped along the way I will be posting on the following themes so you can benefit as much as myself from more work-home life balance.

  • Nurturing Mind and Body
  • How to make the best of Relationships
  • Career and Passion
  • Giving and Gratitude
  • Tips and book recommendations
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • Productivity

I hope you enjoy following me on this writing challenge


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