31 days Series- Nurturing the superwoman within

nurturing the self

Day1: Superwoman?, who me?

Day 2:  Healthy Mind in Healthy Body- The Big ‘M’

Day 3: Imagination

 I can’t believe it’s been already A YEAR since I last posted! But here I am, taking the challenge to write consecutively for the October 31 Days Series . This is my first time joining the series and when I found out about it, a little voice in my head told me, this is the time! Start again! Because it’s time for me to end the blog neglect.

As you can see my theme is all about Nurturing the Wonderful Being that You (and I) are.

During the month of October I will be posting on all areas that contribute to a woman’s wellbeing in order to bring out the superwoman in you. I’lll talk about the little but very important changes that can make our lives if not easier at least more enjoyable. It’s easy being a mum, wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc, but putting all facets of life together sometimes can mean chaos.

I invite you to drop by to check on my daily posts and if you feel inspired and want to take the challenge, head over to the nester for details on this series or to simply hover over hundreds of other inspired people who will also be taking the challenge.

Happy writing!


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