Say it with leaves! – Dilo con Hojas!

We did this activity some time ago. It was actually to send a message to Papa via mobile wishing him a Happy Father’s day but it could obviously serve you for any type of message and best of all in ANY LANGUAGE!

This idea came up after a session of pruning our back then large bushy plant. The kids found very entertaining the idea of collecting leaves and then cut them into funny shapes. And there it was, after a period of “idea leaping”, we came up with letters made out of leaves!

and a lovely message:

 What a great way to tell someone you love them!

and if you want to know the Spanish for this message:

“Papa. Te amamos. Siempre”

For other lovely messages try:

  • Te amo= I love you
  • Te extrano= I miss you
  • Gracias por tu amistad= I appreciate your friendship

Just another way to use your otherwise “compost leaves”

What would YOU use to send lovely messages? or what would you like to say with leaves…

In such autumny windy weather you could even try with yellowish, orangey dry leaves, mmm the colours are appealing 😉

Happy pruning! Happy messages!


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