No sew doll clothes from fabric remnants

I had a few items of clothing my toddler had outgrown which I decided to turn into refashioned clothes.

Among other things, I had this plain white cardigan (forgot to take a picture when it was still only white)  It had a balsamic vinegar stain at the front, so I hand-painted some flowers and leaves and ended up with an even nicer short sleeved embellished cardigan.

Notice the stains??

Now you don’t!

Then I made this skirt out of another outgrown dress, but still had lots of bits of material to work on something else and this is the fun part…

You can actually make about any piece of clothing for your dolls with fabric remnants, and the best about the things you see here is that they are all no-sew little projects that your children can help cutting, twisting, pulling, folding and putting on.

These we made only with 2 pairs of sleeves (the white cardigan and the stripy dress) I’ll quickly describe these items in a clockwise direction starting with:

  • the mermaid doll dress up: A sleeve on a doll, cut at the end and tied with a rubber band
  • doll’s hat: smaller section of a sleeve, stripes cut at the end (like a loose pompom) again tied with a rubber band and a ladybird hand painted with permanent markers
  • doll summer-dress: one sleeve on a doll, cut fringe a the bottom.
  • doll head-band: “slice” of sleeve simply put on doll’s head
  •  mouse white dress: sleeve on the mouse, turned outwards at the top and fish painted on the front with permanent markers.

To me, the mermaid was the best and my toddler thought the same.

Suddenly, another idea struck my mind, and with the rest of the former dress, which simply turned into a huge loop, we made a dolly sling.

and it could be used in several ways


So what can I tell you, she loooooved it!

So much, that even my son asked me for one to take TIGER “to explore” 🙂

Talking about language here is beyond explanation. With all the possible conversations in imaginative play you could share with your little ones while playing with them, I could only suggest trying to go through the clothes as vocabulary elements which you can find here

Happy playing!


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