Week CHESS- Chess Set Tutorial and a Makaton side note

As you can see we chose plain brown for the second player (Papa’s pieces) Kind of boring but we don’t want to get confused with the colours.

And for what you will need in case you want to give this cuteness a try:

  • palitos de paleta = lolly sticks
  • marcadores permanentes = permanent markers
  • cuter o cuchillo  = cutter or knife
  • tapas de plastico = plastic caps
  • carton = cardboard

Draw your figures on the lolly sticks, my pawns measure 5cms and then the rest of them go up by 1 cm each pair: knights 6cms; castles 7cms ; bishops 8cms King and Queen 9 and 10cms. In this way you use one stick per 2 figures as shown in the picture at the top of this post.

Colour, cut…

I used my bread knife for this

Then grab a plastic cap and make a slot with your knife

and insert the figures through it, easy!

 Continue with the rest and take out your cardboard, draw the squares 8×8 and you know how it goes negro-blanco-negro-blanco / black-white-black-white

We actually made our cardboard into the actual box where we keep the pieces when not in use, but that’s up to you. I had thought of making a drawstring bag and have the chess board painted on a play table, so if I decide to do this I’ll update this post and show it to you.

and on a side note, look at this idea for our Father’s day  Card

It’s a card and phrases using Makaton signs! I found this treasure at the Makaton Charity they have excellent free resources which I’m guessing they update accordingly to the season. I think Makaton is a fantastic aid to use when learning a foreign language, after all we all use signing when describing something we don’t understand by meaning, had you thought of that. So head over there and have a look at their resources, you might want to support them too 🙂

Happy playing! Happy crafting!


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