Week-CHESS – Chess set Part 1

Anyone for toddler chess?

Yes, I know, my 2 year-old is way too young for the real thing but she definitely enjoys playing with the tiny pieces of Papa’s travel-chess, and being magnetic adds so much to the fun. Anyhow,  I was looking at her losing the pieces again playing with the pawns and the “horses” and I thought to myself,  “Papa would do with a new set.

So here we are, with a lovely idea for the toddler to use the pieces as “mini puppets” and for the big boys to enjoy a complete game once again.

By the way, the Spanish for the pieces…


  • Rey= King
  • Dama/Reina=Queen
  • Alfil=Bishop
  • Caballo=Knight
  • Torre=Rook/Castle
  • Peon=Pawn

A really enjoyed colouring the pieces, and it was quite cute when he asked what the piece was called and then said “it’s good all the world are now learning about this” I don’t really know what he meant by it, but his comment made me think that by clicking publish on this post the way “he is learning about this” could practically reach the world out there. It certainly reached you my dear reader 🙂

And when the time came to colour the cardboard chess board I guess he was already tired

So he cheated by giving it to Papa to finish

but it turned cute at the end don’t you think so? I think this would be a fantastic children-made gift for Father’s day.

We now finished the first set of figures for player No 1 and we will get on with the rest some time tomorrow. Maybe we could just paint the bases a different colour (we used bottle lids for these) , or use a totally different theme for the pieces, you know, like they do some chess sets for young children. However, I do prefer the real version so we might simply change the colour of the lids. I really don’t know yet. We’ll see what we come up with tomorrow, What do you think? Maybe this set inspires you to do something different, if so, take a picture and link it in your comment for sharing it with us. For the whole tutorial go here

Happy Chess making!


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