Week PUZZLES – Vegetables fun

Still putting pieces together!

Nearly the end of the week and after putting puzzle pieces together we are bringing you a not so fresh idea (you’ve probably done this before) yet enjoyable, practical and delicious.

And for those ones whose little ones refuse to eat some vegetables, this is a helpful way to get them to eat:

  • betabel / remolacha = beetroot
  • zanahoria = carrot
  • chicharos / guisantes = peas
  • papas / patata = potato
  • camote / batata = sweet potato

Use them for making patterns, counting, adding, and why not having fun while eating up your way to substraction 🙂

And because W was not in the mood to help us with this activity, A helped me to work out how to put a flower together for her, adding some fresh raw peas as a leaf and grass. Yes, because raw is her newest way to eat garden peas since yesterday after coming back from picking our own at the farm. Shame we didn’t have a camera with us, the children had such muddy fun. Yes, it is raining again!

Here is a dinosaur on a cube of colourful cubes.

Then he decided to put the peas on the side

And why not waiting for his grilled chicken to steal  some potato cubes rearrange some colourful cubes  from her sister’s plate.

Happy vegetable substracting!


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