Week AGUA- ice melting experiment

After playing with water this week, we thought of using an ice melting story for our bath-time activity.

Ted, Bo and Diz is a story about three little friends who, on their dinghy adventure, come across 3 polar bears and a seal floating on their melting iceberg far far away from home. It can easily be turned into a learning session about climate change and the consideration for those creatures relying on the right weather conditions for their survival. Not only that but you will even end up talking about states of matter. If you, like me, need a clearer way to explain these states to your little ones you will certainly enjoy this interactive video

On our activity we let the children be witnesses of the change that takes place with water going from liquid to solid and then from solid to liquid again. Sooo much to talk…

and for the long talk:

  • solido = solid
  • liquido = liquid
  • gas = gas
  • lento= slow
  • rapido = fast
  • caliente / calentar = hot / heat up
  • frio / enfriar = cold / cool down

We first did 2 mixtures of water, one orange, one greenish by mixing food colouring in a tub and a jug, then placed in the freezer.

By bath time we had

A blueish mini iceberg for the toy turtle

and the orange melting ice ring

A was fascinated first with the ring loosing colour in the water

and then with the quickly downsizing ice

He was also amused with the shape left from the blue block of ice

And how quickly it came to this.

All what was left from the mini iceberg experiment!

Happy ice melting!


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