Fruit games

You can use this pictures for warm up games, ending a lesson or simply to make your children stand up and move around.

These are made of flannel, I drew, cut and sewed the fruits onto squares but you could colour straight on the fabric, make round or other shapes instead of squares, maybe use more background colours. You could also make them on foamy or even use flashcards for the game.

The fruits you see above are:

  • manzana = apple
  • pera = pear
  • platano = banana
  • uvas = grapes
  • naranja = orange

How do I use them?

  • as flashcards to introduce vocabulary
  • to hand out to children and call out the fruits asking for an action from them (eg. stand up…banana, run…grapes, walk…apple, etc)
  • to play other games:
  1. Fruit islands: You scatter the fruits on the floor, play music or sing for children to dance take away a fruit and stop the music, everybody runs to an island and then you ask what fruit is missing. Continue until they have to remember all the fruits.
  2. Fruit map: This is done with more fruits, you scatter them on the floor and ask a child to direct another child to go from “x” fruit to “y” fruit following his/her command (jumping, walking, running, marching, etc.)
  3. Fruit song: (best for ending a lesson to recap numbers) Here I use this song tune and a “spider web” traced over a white piece of fabric. Make the children help you hold the fabric and put one by one the fruits on the “web” while swinging the fruit and singing along, remember to count the total number of fruits every time you add another one. When you get to the last fruit you’ve got, make the fruits fall to end the song. The lyrics: Una manzana se balanceaba sobre la tela de una araña, como veia que resistia, fueron a llamar a otra fruta; Una pera se balanceaba sobre la tela de una araña… continue with the rest of the fruit

juego frutas

Use this kind of games to learn or recap vocabulary, to practice: shapes, numbers, colours, action verbs.

How would you use these pictures?

Happy playing!


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