Mood pebbles

I was supposed to write more about stories and the easy short-cuts to hand-puppets. However, we had such a fun time with our new pebble friends that I felt I needed to share this.

It all started with the bowl of pebbles we have on the table and the story my dear W was listening from my lap –  “Miss Tiny”.

I was reading it to her when it came to me the idea of colouring one of those pebbles to show W how tiny “Miss Tiny” appears to be. The result: Miss Tiny on  a pebble.

It was such a hit! Miss Tiny got to sit on a chair,

have a bath,be IN the looAnd even got in a car, as she had seen in her book 😉

But that wasn’t enough, later on W brought me Miss Whoops book. By then, A had returned from school, so we decided to create more little friends on pebbles.

A and W seemed to enjoy working on them,

And we ended up with a bunch of little friends,

I particularly liked A’s alien ones (they’ve been talking about space at school  this term)

When we were all done, not only did we go over Miss Tiny and Miss Whoops stories all over again, but we also ended up playing silly mood games. Where I pretended to be upset (with the red pebble) and they would have to come up with a good reason for me to change my mood. W approached me and gave the red pebble a kiss and I felt obliged to change that moody face (I painted a happy face at the back of the grumpy one),  so in the end, all the faces had a 2-version mood, most of them with a happy face at the back. It made me think of the lovely talk you could have with your little ones about feelings and the way our mood changes. A great way for children to understand and recognise an emotion behind “facial expressions”.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Feliz = Happy
  • Triste = Sad
  • Enojado = Upset
  • Preocupado = Worried
  • Sorprendido = Surprised
  • Asustado = Scared

Now go and turn some pebbles into emotional characters and have some fun!

These ones stay at the table for when the ocassion calls for them. Maybe a silly argument over a toy will call for Mr Happy to come to the rescue! As for how to change my mood, I would write on pebbles uplifting words only to remind me life is so worth living! And you, how would you use pebbles or what would you write on them?

Happy smiling! Happy playing!


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