Orangel peel ABC

Is this really a craft? or more like a recipe. Well, I got inspired by this delicious candied orange peel recipe which we tried last week. However, I felt more inclined to include this  post in a Crafty Tuesday due to  the dedication my children showed when “cutting” letter shapes and then spelling out little words:) So it stays here (with other versions of orange peel ideas coming in the following weeks), as a craft instead of a recipe.

Cutting Orange peel is so easy and even relaxing for the little ones. They really concentrate when trying to follow a certain shape and the texture is so different from common paper or even cardboard as it requires little effort.

I forgot to take a picture of the peel when they were simmering, but as this is not a recipe, never mind!

Here they are! Already candied and tossed in sugar. But, to counteract the sweetness with a more bitter favourite ingredient of mine…

85% Cocoa Ivory Coast and Ecuador Dark chocolate, mmmmm!

And just to fulfil the spelling purposes of these little fellows…

We tried making some words with this ABC Orange peel – HOLA!

Amongst others, Love,

 and boy

Needless to say, you can make up your own words in ANY language or alphabet as for the ingredients you will use:

  • cascara de naranja = orange peel
  • azucar = sugar
  • agua = water
  • chocolate = chocolate, how easy that is 😉

Thank you for reading!

Happy Crafting! Happy Reading! Happy Snacking!


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4 thoughts on “Orangel peel ABC

  1. I had no idea it was so easy to do candied orange peel – what fun and super tasty!! Thanks so much for sharing on Happy Family Times x (and I look forward to your other orange peel ideas!)

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