Cork Board Fun

You have a cork board, elastic bands and pins, what do you do with them? Have fun!

Initially I was looking to entertain my kids with a fun idea I got from a game similar to this one.

I gathered some pins and thought fabric would do, but then saw that foamy shapes would work better and they would be easier for my 2 year old daughter to cut. We ended up with a couple of robots made mainly out of squares and rectangles.

It was quite nice as they could even move the legs and arms and with several shapes you can obviously review colours, instructions and names for those shapes.

But then as I was looking for more ideas I had these rubber bands so I thought of making shapes by pulling them around 2 rubber bands, then around 3, 4,etc. to name more shapes, but I let them to it while they figured out how to create something by themselves.

Suddenly, I find my children making “music”

My son had laid 6 pins in a row at the top and bottom of the board and had managed to pull all 6 “strings” by himself realising that they could actually “sound amazing mummy !”  (his own words) 🙂

After that, even myself got stuck to the board trying to figure out which rubberbands were noisier, stronger, longer, etc. We had great fun!

They noticed that the sound of a single rubber-band could change when around 4 or five pins depending on its length and taut/slackness, you can see that some of the bands are shorter/longer or thicker /thinner,  lots to talk about! and they were sooo amused, so much that first thing in the morning they there were again, trying shapes and listening to the beautiful sound strings of plastic can make. Lovely activity that again kept them busy for a good part of the morning.

I guess we will find so many more things to do with our cork board, until then we have stirred some interest in music, not that my son is not interested already in musical intruments but what a fun way to make the little ones understand where vibration/sound is coming from.

For your doses of helpful vocabulary with this activity:

  • Tablero de corcho= cork board
  • tachuelas = pins/tacks
  • ligas = rubber bands
  • cuadrado = square
  • rectangulo = rectangle
  • triangulo = triangle
  • taut = tenso
  • slack = flojo
  • long = largo
  • short = corto
  • thick = grueso
  • thin = delgado

For the colours check this post

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Happy playing! Happy week! = Feliz juego! Feliz semana!


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