Fleece on a cork board and felt finger puppets

Have you told your children a story with a felt board? I guess yes, well, if you haven’t and just thought of doing so, why not trying to make your own board. They are very simple to make but widely available to buy too. I found the ones I’ve bought in the past a little too small and often getting crowded with characters. So why not making one the size YOU want.

Better still, try different materials. As long as your characters aren’t very heavy they will hold beautifully on your board. This is a lovely way for children to play with their imagination and for you to come up with new words, besides telling a story you can use it for learning colours, shapes, and basically themed vocabulary.

A couple of months ago I was making some scarves for my children, more like a wrap for their necks, I made a fish for my boy and a carrot for my girl. And why am I telling you this?, well, because while I was waiting for my son to get ready to put on his “scarf” I put it as a joke over the jumper I was wearing and it stuck to it like glue. What it is made of? fleece, and like flannel, it sticks to other materials just like felt. So I thought why not making a board with fleece. I used a cork board and pinned my fleece on it, then cut flannel and felt bits for props  (they are lighter than fleece) in addition to the finger puppets that you can easily make yourself. For basic instructions check this pattern

So we chose a story, in this case, Farmer Mickey,

This is an excellent book to use for  animals or vegetables. We chose animals. And the animals in this story are:

  • Vaca = cow
  • puerco = pig
  • caballo = horse
  • oveja = sheep
  • gallina = hen
  • pollito = chick

In addition to these, I thought it would be fun to take the stories to bed, so I made a special version for my toddler by adding some “sceneries” and characters to play when waking up in her very own cot (as opposed to my bed).

I sewed up a muddy site for the pig, a green field for the cow/horse, a blue watery bit for a whale/duck, a tree for the bird and a fence/hen house for the hen/chick

Maybe this idea will keep her longer in her cot as opposed to waking up everyone early 🙂

And the best part is that you can still use them as finger puppets

Do you like the idea, if so feel free to leave a comment. If you need a specific animal and ran out of ideas as to how to make it, drop me a line and I might be able to give you a hand 🙂

Happy storytelling!


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