Super hero wooden peg dolls

It’s crafty Tuesday! And as we had to come up with something crafty for a friend’s birthday gift, we decided to try these cute dollies. The pirate boy became a girls and the incredible girl I only copied from one of A’s books.  Yes, they will be part of a gift, but these dollies can be also used to tell stories, to play games like describe and guess or you could even practice the colours in Spanish when making them… If you opt for the third option, here you have a list of colours:

  • rojo = red
  • verde = green
  • azul = blue
  • blanco = white
  • morado = purple
  • dorado = gold
  • plateado = silver
  • negro = black
  • marron/cafe = brown
  • rosa = pink
  • amarillo = yellow
  • gris = grey

Even though this is supposed to be a presumably elaborated and detailed work, it took us only about an hour to get these little guys done. They are supposed to be hand painted and for some colours maybe even with special paint. But we went straight with fine-point permanent markers and had so much fun, we super enjoyed it.

A made up his own characters and this craft kept him entertained the whole hour.

Somehow, these cute dollies will be surrounding a special gift and when I’m done with it I will be updating this post to show you.

In the meantime I will better run out to the shops to get some more pegs before my little girl starts her own party.

And I thought she would choose the girls,

Can you spot The Hulk?

If you feel like trying this easy version of wooden peg dollies, take a picture of your characters and link it back. You may only want to get ideas and prefer to follow me via email or via pinterest on my crafty boards.

Happy crafting!


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