How to make GIANT learning dice

This tutorial will show you how to make Giant Dice for learning or playing purposes. For more uses and games with the dice check last week’s post.

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring around 1metre by 80cms.
  • enough transparent pvc material for the pockets depending on the size of your dice (I upcycled a teared wet bag measuring 60cms by 40cms)
  • stuffing of your choice (I recycled the stuffing of old cushions)
  • sewing machine and thread matching the colour of your fabric
  • flashcards of your choice

For a start, cut out 2 open cube shapes out of your fabric depending on the size of your dice

For mine the measure per square was roughly 20cm so I drew 4 x 20cm squares in a row (with an extra cm for the seam allowance) = 80cm x 20cm (ish)

(Make sure you draw the lines of each square as you will need to guide yourself on these lines when sewing the edges so as to put together the cube shape).

An easy way to do this is to draw a 4 squares row and then add one 20cm square on either side on the second square of your row of 4 squares

ending up with something looking like this:

Depending on the size of your dice, you will need to cut out 6 squares of your transparent pvc material slightly smaller than the measurement of your squares (1cm-2cm smaller for best results)

Sew each pvc square onto the centre of each square on your fabric (right side of fabric) remembering to leave one side of your pvc open (for inserting the flashcards) and repeat with second piece of fabric. I used a zig-zag stitch for this.

Proceed to make the cube shapes by sewing together (on the wrong side of the fabric) all the edges of the cube but the last one  leaving only one 20cm edge open (for the stuffing). I guess it doesn’t matter where you start sewing (I’m not  an expert at sewing) but I just started with the top square. I sewed it together with the square next to it and then, following the lines I had first drawn I kept sewing all around until the cube was nearly done. I sewed it in straight stitch as well as zigzag meaning I sewed twice over each line.

Once you’re done and having left one opening. Turn it inside out so you can have something like this:

And stuff both cubes paying special attention to the corners which should be stuffed properly in order to retain shape.

Once stuffed proceed to sew the last open edge. You could also do this by machine but I sewed mine by hand. Insert your flashcards and start having fun!

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Happy sewing!, Happy playing!


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