Twig doll’s house furniture

So you have a bunch of twigs, what to do with them? How about some miniature furniture?

This easy craft includes a bed, bench, swing, see-saw, table and chairs made out of twigs. We got inspired by a project in 365 things to make and do. Great book!

Some words you may want to practice with your child while making this project:

  • ramitas=twigs
  • pegamento=glue
  • ligas=elastic bands
  • cama=bed
  • banca=bench
  • columpio=swing
  • sube y baja=see-saw
  • mesa y sillas= table and chairs

You basically cut the twigs to the required size and glue them together. For the bed, bench, table and chairs we used cardboard as support. A wanted to use some elastic bands to make his own designs and so he came up with the swing and see-saw, all his own creations. I would personally leave the swing as sticks and ribbon but A insisted in finding a “miniature tyre” for hanging the dinosaurs dolls. All we could find was a plastic ring. For pillows and bench legs we used mini pine cones.

And the dinosaurs and animals joined in the fun! You can actually make them go up and down in the see-saw due to the elastic bands.

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Happy crafting!


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