Giant Learning Dice

This is a fun and easy way to learn vocabulary. I am using these dice for learning the members of the family but the possibilities for this learning tool are endless.

Having started Reception last September, A has learned so far the alphabet and quite a few words from his repertoire of “most common words” in English language. This being a list of words that we have been given at the beginning of the first term.

Children are supposed to learn on average 4 of those words a week. At the beginning A was very good and quite keen on “memorising” them, kind of a challenge. A challenge soon to be turned into total boredom. The teachers are really supportive and understanding, and they actually encourage you not to be pushy. As we all know, every child is different and every child learns at their own pace. However, being at school, I think children tend to feel they have to catch up, so now the challenge was for me to try to make this word-learning process something amusing and more fun than simple pen and paper work.

So, I came up with these fun dice… 2 sewing days later: Hooray! my dice worked! Even my little 2 year old has been playing with them. She calls out the names, places and replaces the flashcards into the pockets and a couple of days ago 2 cards went missing, where were they? in her buggy, she had taken them for a ride, she likes them so much! I’m thinking of other pictures I can make for her.

Now the uses for the dice:

  • Memory games
  • Matching games
  • Props for role-play
  • Props to make up stories
  • Props for describing things, therefore, building up vocabulary
  • Ice-breaking or ending a lesson

Any more thoughts? How would you use these dice?

Wanna make them yourself? Wait for the tutorial coming up next week!

Happy Playing!



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