Dinosaurs Little Garden

As any 4 year-old, A has been quite interested in dinosaurs for some time now. We’ve taken him to the museum a couple of times and about a month ago he was taken on a school trip to the museum where he enjoyed looking at the real size T-Rex once again. He’s been making several crafts and activities inspired by dinosaurs and A thought it would be fun to make something else at home.

We “including the children” love growing sprouts for our culinary sessions and so we have tried sprouting our favourite alfalfa seeds, mung beans, chickpeas, black-eyed beans, etc. There are some good crafts which children can help with using seeds, like the usual grass heads and any other way in which they can appreciate the time that these little gems take to grow into something edible, something pretty to look at or, like in W’s playgroup, something you can actually use with your toy animals (a grass tray) or in this case a “forest/garden” for his toy dinosaurs.

Just as A was looking for some inspiration in The Gardening Book, he came across a mini garden for dinosaurs and here is the achieved result.

Words you may want to use with your child while making this project:

  • semillas de alfalfa=alfalfa seeds
  •  charola de plastico=plastic tray
  • toallas de papel=paper towels
  •  piedras=rocks/pebbles
  • juguetes pequeños= little toys

For this mini-project you will need

  •  alfalfa seeds or the seeds of your choice-, the smallest size grow better for this project, take into account that they will potentially be part of your children’s lunch box as it was the case with A when the time came to “trim the forest”. We chose mustard seeds but they are quite strong, A liked them anyway but just as an addition to another filling for a sandwich or croissant (with tuna they worked great)
  • a plastic tray or a big plastic lid
  •  kitchen paper towels
  •  some rocks/pebbles
  •  toys of your choice– mini pets, little people, mini ponies, toy farm animals, etc

Grab your tray; lay a couple of kitchen paper towels on it; spread the seeds where you want the “forest” to grow and arrange the rocks where desired (you may leave the rocks for later on when the sprouts have grown) and water the tray with enough water so that all the seeds get access to the dampness.

Keep in a dark place for 1 or 2 days or until you see the little seeds starting to sprout. Keep moist at all times.

We sprayed some water morning and night. Then move to a sunlit place,

keep spraying and watch them grow until you can take out the toys and enjoy your mini-garden/forest. Be aware, you may not reach this stage as your sprouts might look so yummy that you will prefer to munch on them.

Happy mini-gardening!


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